Our Verdict 
Excellent pictures and sound quality, but this screen isn't so good that it can justify its hefty price-tag
Fine contrast
deep blacks
excellent all-round resolution
slick with motion
sounds good by flatscreen standards
Looks could be too extrovert for some
hefty price-tag
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The Sony '32E5500 looks a little funky to say the least. This is down to its picture frame design: the white fascia is surrounded by a black bezel to give it that 'hang me on a wall' look. Use the Picture Frame Mode and you can display your own pictures.

But first and foremost, of course, this is a Full HD flatscreen TV. The screen uses Sony's Bravia Engine 3 picture processor. It also features Sony's Motionflow 100Hz picture processing technology and comes with a very handy selection of four HDMI inputs.

The Sony's backlight is uniform, so there's no issue with clouding, and this helps to maintain decent black levels.

Detailed delivery from all sourcesThe inclusion of Motionflow 100HZ helps with movement in Slumdog Millionaire's shanty town chase sequences. Colours are handled evenly and the Sony picks out a super level of detail from Freeview, Blu-ray and standard DVD images.

Sonically, this Sony produces an open and clear sound that's detailed and remarkably punchy.

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While the '32E5500 offers a fine picture, its Achilles heel is the steep cost. Rivals, such as Sony's own KDL-32V5500 (£600) are almost as good, but far cheaper.

Even the fancy picture frame styling can't tip the scales in favour of a five-star review.