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Good but not great, we’re left a little disappointed by this Sharp LED screen
Full HD spec
full array LED tech
solid tuner
okay sound
natural colours
Struggles with deep, dark black levels
bettered elsewhere for sharpness and detail
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It may not be a brand new model, but this Sharp is still a TV with a huge amount of new tech at its heart.

Like closely priced rivals, it’s a 100Hz, full array LED screen, although at 9cm it’s far deeper than most. Also, if you crave HD TV you’ll need more than this set as there’s only standard Freeview here.

There’s not too much wrong with TV content, with standard definition programming looking fairly clean. Colours are natural and subtle, while motion is smooth.

Naturally it’s no match for HD content, but for a 32in TV it’s a reliable, consistent image and sound quality is reasonable.

However, comparing the DVD image of 44 Inch Chest to other TVs here, we’re left a little nonplussed. The subdued palette of the Sharp is easy enough on the eye, but it could do with a little more body to get the most out of brighter scenes.

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A tangible jump in qualitySwitch to Blu-ray and as ever the jump in quality is tangible.

The transfer of The Road is a fine one, with testing dark scenes and some chances for your system to excel, or otherwise, at detail recovery.

The slightly washed-out palette works in the Sharp’s favour, but deep, dark scenes see the set in a less favourable light, struggling to deliver the richness and depth required.

The level of insight is no better than average either, while fast motion isn’t as super-smooth as the best available.

If you can find this Sharp online for a few hundred pounds less – which isn’t beyond the realms of possibility – it’s worth considering. But otherwise you can do much better for the money.

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