• Sennheiser CX 880i
Our Verdict 
The CX880is are incredibly insightful, although there is a hard edge there
Terrific insight and drive, very comfortable, useful remote
Hard edge to the sound
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Of all the headphones we've tested recently, these were the toughest to nail down, and that’s because their greatest asset is also their greatest weakness: precision.

The CX 880is can define the leading edge of a note like nothing else at this price, and that makes for lots of exciting punch and drive.

But that also comes with a balance that edges towards thinness, to make any recording with a hint of brightness sound a bit hard.

And unfortunately, that includes a lot of modern pop.

If you’re the type who listens only to sumptuous recordings, the Sennheisers are unbeatable at the money, offering terrific insight and attack.

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They’re very comfortable to wear, too, and we like the new three-button remote. The problem is that for many people, it will make their music sound worse – so though these are clearly very capable, we can’t grant five stars.

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