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Revo Domino D3 review

For those who want something that's easily cleanable, and sits neatly in the kitchen, then the Revo Domino D3 might just be the ticket Tested at £170.00

Our Verdict

Lots to like here, but sound is a bit bottom-heavy


  • Looks and feel
  • long spec
  • fast and invigorating listen


  • Over-confident bass
  • unpleasant control interface

The Revo Domino D3 is unremarkably proportioned and an unassuming looker, but where a rubbery feel is concerned it's a definite front-runner.

The same can't be said of the ergonomics. The little joystick is vague in operation, and the on-screen menus are small.

Still, feature-wise there's FM, DAB and internet radio reception, an iPod dock and access to

Plenty of vigour
It's a reasonably poised and quite energetic listen, with plenty of vigour up in the higher echelons of the frequency range.

There's better overall balance to some rival offerings, though – if not quite such a touchy-feely finish. Despite having a wealth of sound adjustment, the Revo does overstate low frequencies, to the detriment of the music.

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