Our Verdict 
Rega's Exact is a fun listen that really does a lot right.
Great midrange
excellent with subtleties
Initially feels cheap
lacks precision in some areas
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First impressions of Rega's Exact cartridge aren't promising. With its yellow plastic shell it feels a bit cheap and the fact that it doesn't use captive nuts means it's also rather fiddly to fit. Three hands would be a bonus here.

One big plus is the intimacy of the soundstage it produces – next to the comparative wideness of the Goldring 2500 and Roksan Corus Black, the Rega works on a smaller scale.

When playing a mellow, intimate and emotionally involving track such as Sinatra's With Every Breath I Take this works to its advantage, drawing the listener in.

This is a bright and fun-sounding cartridge with a pleasant midrange, and detailing here is good for the money, too.

In essence then, the Exact has a great midrange and sense of subtleties. The treble has more warmth and body than the Roksan Corus Black, but we found that the bass lacked grip and power when needed.

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It may not cope as well as the class leaders in some areas, but it should definitely be on your audition list.