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Radio Product of the Year, Awards 2010. Talented and likeable, the Avanti Flow is a genuine alternative to a micro system
Great spec
good ergonomics
sounds is large-scale and well controlled by prevailing standards
No iPod menus on the display
goes loud, but not quite as loud as it might
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The configuration of the Pure Avanti Flow suggests it's a rival for something like the Roberts Sound 53 – a desktop/worktop design.

But, where the Roberts features a CD player alongside its DAB/FM reception and iPod dock, the Pure goes without CD playback and counters with internet radio.

Your £250 buys iPod connectivity (including iPhone – in 'airplane' mode), wireless connectivity, DAB/FM radio, 3.5mm in- and outputs, remote control, two 3in full-range drivers and a 5.25in downward-firing sub driven by a claimed 75W. It's glossily finished and well built.

iPod secured in the cradle, the Pure sounds punchy and composed. Headhunter's Physics Impulse (a 128kbps file) is a martial test of timing and attack, but the Avanti Flow is unfazed.

FM, and to a lesser extent DAB, reception is equally laudable. Radio broadcasts are crisp, spacious and poised. The Pure is a tenacious tuner, picking up signals in obscure parts of our listening rooms where other radios give up the ghost.

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Internet radio is the party piece, though, and here too the Avanti Flow scores highly. Easy to navigate and uncomplicated, the Pure is a simple link to a whole world of radio, from Venezuela to the Vatican – providing you have a wireless network to attach it to.

Aside from a lack of outright volume, there's very little here worthy of censure. If a three-piece micro system doesn't appeal but internet radio does, you'll need to put this on your shortlist.

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