• Philips Shoqbox SB7220
Our Verdict 
A good, rugged option for portable sound and eight-hour battery life is a boon
Tough, splash-proof design
Speakerphone mode
Track-changing swipe sensor
Pairs with another for stereo sound
Lightweight sound
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Fair play to Philips: the company is certainly getting to grips with the accessories market. After the success of the Philips M1 headphones and the Fidelio range of speaker docks, along comes something a little different.

The Philips Shoqbox SB7220 doesn’t look like a Philips product. A ‘rugged road warrior’ is how Philips bills it, and certainly it is a tough (and splash-proof) design.

It’s a Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone for wireless calls. There’s a clever swipe sensor allowing you to change tracks Jedi-style, and you can pair two Shoqbox speakers together to form a stereo pair if you

so desire.

Philips Shoqbox SB7220: Sound quality

And you might, for even on its own it doesn’t sound half bad. It’s pretty light on its feet, but when it comes to treble notes and vocals it’s clear, the overall tonal balance is about right and there’s decent detail.

Add an eight-hour battery life and this Philips is fine for on-the-move music.

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