Our Verdict 
Yes it's expensive but the performance is very good – if you want something this big, then look no further
Massive screen
slim frame and smart style
modular connections
fine attention to detail and beautifully balance colours with SD and HD
Some hints of noise at times
smaller screens will be sharper
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It's funny how quickly you become accustomed to the size of a TV. We see an almost inordinate number of sets come and go and, as the average size has increased, so has our blase attitude to big screens.

But we're under no illusions here – this 65in plasma is, unequivocally, a biggie.

This 69kg set is a monitor aimed predominantly at the custom install market, so there's no TV tuner or any speakers.

Our set had four HDMI inputs, a component input and a PC input, but a modular design means connections can be changed.

There's a new learning remote, plus a 'hairline brushed aluminium' finish and curved frame that makes a smart package.

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It's a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution panel, complete with 18-bit processing designed to deliver 7160 steps of light-to-dark gradation, a whopping claimed 60,000:1 contrast ratio and all manner of new picture technology.

Big and beautiful in every wayWe take a look at a few of our favourite Blu-ray discs, and the Panasonic undoubtedly looks stunning.

Close-ups of faces deliver a bountiful amount of detail, while also displaying superb texture thanks to a broad colour palette that delivers subtle, natural shades alongside expertly judged bold colours.

There's a hint of background noise at times, and a smaller set will deliver sharper edges, but we remain impressed.

And there's no cliff-like drop-off with standard-definition content. The DVD of Batman Begins looks clean, clear and again majors on insight and subtlety.

We know the price is rather ludicrous but we also know it's one of the best screens this size that we've seen.

So if you want a plasma TV this big, and you can afford it, we advise you get involved.