Our Verdict 
A competitively priced and attractive system
Reasonable sound and features
Others do this kind of thing slightly better
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The two three-way speakers that come as part of this micro system are capable of making a very big noise indeed. And it's not a bad one, either. DAB broadcasts are fantastically clean and clear, and music is detailed and dynamic - if a little thin.

The Panasonic also plays MP3s via a USB input, and also has a 3.5mm input for portables. It's a shame you have to buy a separate wireless kit in order to use Bluetooth, but at least Panasonic gives you the option. All in all, this is pretty good value, though an extra £70 will buy the Award-winning Onkyo CS-515UK, which offers a much more polished and accomplished sound. So, no elusive fifth star for the SC-PMX2.