• Panasonic SC-HTB520
Our Verdict 
The HTB520 sadly lacks the features and sound quality of its peers
3D and ARC compatibility
wireless sub
sounds better than a flatscreen
No display
few inputs
sounds hard at the top and woolly in the bass
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This unit is an affordable, disc-less affair, yet it still boasts a wireless subwoofer and a compact, slick-looking main unit with so-called ‘invisible’ speakers.

Corners have been cut to meet that price, though, so the Panasonic HTB520 has just two inputs – one HDMI and one optical.

The HDMI output is ARC-enabled, so you could run your sources into your TV and then back to the soundbar, but it isn’t too elegant a solution.

There’s no display, either, which can make operation a bit of fiddle, especially with the overly simple remote.

There’s no support for HD audio here, but the HTB520 is still a vast improvement over any flatscreen’s sound, especially where scale and volume are concerned.

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Wide, punchy soundstagePlay Sucker Punch and while the soundbar doesn’t deliver any real sense of surround sound, it does produce a big, wide soundstage, plenty of punch to action scenes, and clear dialogue.

However, it also brings a fair amount of hardness to proceedings, while the less said about the subwoofer the better; it just seems to rumble along, doing its own thing, regardless of on-screen action.

The fact that the Samsung HW-D570 offers greater sound, more inputs, better usability and a wireless iPod dock really leaves the Panasonic with little to recommend it.

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