YouTube is testing a cheaper 'Premium Lite' subscription that just removes ads

YouTube is trialling a Premium Lite subscription
(Image credit: YouTube)

In a move somewhat similar to Spotify (which is trialling a Plus tier cheaper than its Premium service, but unlocking some of its paid-for features) Google is testing a YouTube subscription plan in parts of Europe that costs less than its YouTube Premium offering. Essentially, 'YouTube Premium Lite', (which may not be available in your region), offers ad-free viewing but without offline downloads, YouTube Music and background playback. 

As reported by Endgadget, a Resetera user first spotted the new YouTube Premium Lite tier in Netherlands while trying to cancel their paid-for subscription. The gaming forum member also attached a Reddit thread to their post, claiming that Premium Lite is being trialled in Finland and Sweden, too. 

The YouTube plan appears to have been rolled out with neither fuss nor fanfare, at a price of €6.99 per month, the same as the student tier. The regular YouTube Premium price is €11.99 (£11.99, $11.99, AU$14.99). 

YouTube has since confirmed to The Verge that it's also testing the proposition in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Norway with local equivalent pricing. Will user feedback prefer a pared back YouTube that just removes the ads and costs less than the likes of Netflix, which starts at €7.99 in several of those regions? Only time will tell... 


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  • Tinman1952
  • I hope this doesn’t mean that one day they will charge just for normal YouTube!
  • manicm
    gel said:
    I hope this doesn’t mean that one day they will charge just for normal YouTube!

    They’re already charging you for normal YouTube by bombarding you with more ads than ever. And it’s doubly bad on phones/TVs because you interrupted by both video ads and banners that appear randomly.

    I can’t wait for a Premium Lite version as I don’t bloody want or need YouTube music.
  • KatherineWaters
    €6.99 per month, I think it's not worth. Youtube Vanced still best for me