Yamaha confirms UK prices for new products launched at IFA 2013

UPDATE 26.09.13

Yamaha UK has confirmed prices and release dates for the range of new products it unveiled at IFA last month, so we've added them to our original story below.

PUBLISHED 25.08.13

Yamaha introduced a string of new hi-fi and home cinema products at IFA 2013 in Berlin. We've been given preliminary details of ten new products, with more to follow. Here's what we know will be coming so far:

Yamaha NX-P100 £200 (November)

A new waterproof, smartphone-charging Bluetooth speaker, using the latest APT-X and NFC connection technology. The unit has an internal battery and will also charge your smartphone.

Yamaha MCR-N560 £500 (November)

This new take on the Yamaha Pianocraft MCR system is a sleek all-round micro hi-fi system. This unit has network features built in, including Airplay, DLNA, vTuner and App Control. There’s also room for expansion with a Yamaha wi-fi or Bluetooth adapter.

Yamaha R-N500 £450 (November)

A full-size network-streaming stereo music player, the R-N500 allows you to utilise network sources like vTuner, DLNA and AirPlay to stream audio files to your hi-fi system, and be controlled using a free app.

Yamaha RX-S600/RX-S600D £500/£550 (December)

If you want an AV-R but don’t have room for the big box, then Yamaha has the slimline RX-S600. This model features network connectivity including app control, alternative 3.1/two-zone configuration and all the connections you would expect. The RX-S600D also includes a DAB and DAB+ tuner.

Yamaha YSP-1400 £400 (October)

An entry-level Yamaha Sound Projector in a one-box solution, this soundbar (right) features an array of connections as well as dual built-in subwoofers.

Yamaha YAS-152 £300 (October)

The YAS-152 is an extra-long soundbar, suited for TVs from 55-60in. It's fitted with Bluetooth and Yamaha’s own AirSurround Xtreme technology.

Yamaha Soavo £700-£3000 (December)

Second-generation Soavo speakers from Yamaha, re-designed with new A-PMD woofers, a new tweeter design and a new cabinet layout.

Yamaha NX-B55 £150 (December)

Building on the success of the NX-50 speakers, the company has now developed a Bluetooth version. This 2.0 system is said to provide "exceptional clarity and bass response for its size" and also features an aux in for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

Yamaha A-S201 £200 (November)

The A-S201 is a new entry-level stereo amplifier.

Yamaha NS-SW200 /NS-SW300 £250/£300 (October)

Using Yamaha’s own YST II Advanced Bass technology, these subwoofers

are designed to deliver a big punch from a small box. They have a new type of port called the ‘Twisted Flare’ port which is said to distribute air in "a clearer way" resulting in deeper and more precise bass.

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