Yamaha announces range of MusicCast compatible audio products

To coincide with its multi-room MusicCast announcement, Yamaha has announced a range of additions to its hi-fi and home audio ranges that will support the new technology.

Joining the home cinema separates and soundbars we have previously reported on, there's the R-N602 2CH stereo receiver, due to go on sale in October for £449.95, and two micro systems – the MCR-N670 and MCR-N870.

Both systems comprise separate amplifier and CD player components to prevent any sonic interference between the two, but the MCR-N870 offers a 32-bit USB DAC over the N670, and will also be bundled with more powerful NS-BP401 speakers.

The N870 will cost £999.95, while the N670 will set you back £699.95.

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Yamaha's NX-N500 active speakers

Yamaha's NX-N500 active speakers

Also joining the line-up is a pair of fully active hi-fi speakers in the shape of the NX-N500. Offering bi-amping and individual power connections for each speaker, the N500 speakers pack an optical input, with a 32-bit DAC, and a mini stereo jack analogue input.

The Yamaha ISX-80 speaker

The Yamaha ISX-80 speaker

Finally, there is the WX030 all-in-one speaker, aimed at smaller rooms like kitchens and bedrooms, and the style-led Restio ISX-80.

The former is available in black or white and packs a 4cm tweeter and 9cm mid/bass driver and will sell for £199.95 per speaker. The ISX-80 is aimed at a more lifestyle audience, and includes a built-in tuner, designer LED alarm clock and an AUX input.

It can stand on its metal pedestal or be mounted on the wall, and will be available in black, white or purple from September for £399.95.

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