Wilson Benesch's new Resolution loudspeakers will be shown at Munich

Wilson Benesch has announced the latest member of its Geometry Series, a pair of floorstanding loudspeakers called 'Resolution'.

The Resolutions will make their debut at the Munich High End show, and Wilson Benesch has made a point of saying that they are designed using the same CAD/CAM systems used in the development of F1 and aerospace technologies. Whether that translates into good sound design remains to be seen, of course.

Wilson Benesch says that the floorstander's enclosure is the "stiffest, most highly damped loudspeaker [enclosure] ever created". It is built from carbon fibre, which means it does not require any internal bracing. This, claims the company, allows the drive units "unrivalled control".

Speaking of the drive units, there are 12 Tactic-II drive units and two tweeters per pair, as well as four extra bass drivers - making the loudspeakers capable of a frequency range of 30Hz to 30kHz.

Pre-orders of the speakers are being taken now, priced at £35,500.

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