Wilson Benesch announces entry-level Precision Series speaker range

Wilson Benesch has announced its most affordable speaker range, the Precision Series. We’d take the word ‘affordable’ with a pinch of salt, mind - the high-end British brand’s three new speakers, the P1.0 standmounts and P2.0 and P3.0 floorstanders cost £5995, £9495 and £14,995 respectively.

The speakers feature a new Leonardo tweeter, which, utilising elements of the high-end Fibonacci tweeter design that made its debut in Wilson Benesch’s flagship £140k Eminence speakers earlier this year, sees a silk-dome tweeter sitting at the centre of a carbon fibre composite faceplate.

The brand’s Tactic II Drive Unit is in its third generation here, using a Isotactic Polypropylene cone that was chosen for its stiffness and self-dampening.

The P1.0s couple a 2.5cm tweeter with a 17cm mid/bass driver, while the P2.0s have 17cm midrange and bass drivers, and the P3.0s have 17cm upper midrange, lower midrange and bass drivers. 

The Precision Series speakers will ship in the first quarter of 2019, so you've still got a few months to save up...

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Becky Roberts

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