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The Week in HD - Monday 30th March

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So, without further ado...

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Blu-ray releases

Interstellar - Blu-ray release of the week

Interstellar - Blu-ray release of the week


"Shoot for the Moon, as the saying goes. Miss and you'll still land among the stars."

Christopher Nolan's latest project is almost a masterpiece - it doesn't quite reach the same wondrous heights as Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the stunning visuals, the awesome soundtrack and the sheer ambition of this film are all to be admired.

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Penguins of Madagascar

Move over, James Bond. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are here to show you how spying is really done.

After leaving the circus, the four penguins join elite undercover spy agency The North Wind - headed by the suave Agent Classified (a grey wolf voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) - to help foil the evil world-destroying plans of Dr Octavius Brine (an octopus voiced by John Malkovich).

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Monday 30th March

Only Connect BBC Two HD, 8.30pm

It's the Only Connect final! The Orienteers and the Chessmen have survived six months of fiendish questions, anagrams and spot-the-connections to arrive at the politely competitive final. Victoria Coren Mitchell hosts the series 10 finale.

Gotham Channel 5 HD, 9pm

The Fearsome Dr Crane. As you may be able to tell by the episode title, Gotham is introducing yet another Batman villain. Of course, it's a wee little Jonathan Crane we see tonight, but we do get a glimpse of his origins as the Scarecrow (played by Cillian Murphy in the Nolan films).

When the members of a phobia support group start getting attacked by their worst nightmares, Gordon and Dr Thompkins are on the case. Meanwhile, the Penguin takes a hit in his rise to power.

Tuesday 31st March

Howl's Moving Castle - Pick of the day, 11am

Howl's Moving Castle - Pick of the day, 11am

Howl's Moving Castle Film4 HD, 11am

Film4's Studio Ghibli season continues all week with some of Hayao Miyazaki's finest works.

In this enchanting animation, an 18-year-old hat maker named Sophie is cursed into the body of an old woman by a witch. To break the curse, she makes a deal with a fire-demon, whose magic powers a moving castle on legs owned by a self-indulgent but powerful wizard named Howl.

International Friendly: Italy v England ITV HD, 7.45pm

Roy Hodgson's squad travel to Italy for a friendly against Antonio Conte's team in Turin. Both had terrible World Cups - although Italy did beat England in the group stage - but this match is a chance for England to exorcise some bad memories.

England will be without some of their regulars but it's a chance to see some new talent, including one Harry Kane.

The Flash Sky 1 HD, 8pm

Rogue Time. Captain Cold and Heat Wave (seriously, the names sound like parodies of superhero comics) are joined by new villain Lisa Snart for a three-pronged attack on Central City. Barry has relationship issues distracting him, though, while the fun time-travel aspects of last week's episode take a back seat.

Wednesday 1st April

MasterChef - Pick of the day, 7.30pm

MasterChef - Pick of the day, 7.30pm

MasterChef BBC One HD, 8pm

It's the final week of the heats, and we're introduced to five new amateur cooks hoping to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace with their culinary skills.

First up is the calling-card challenge, where the contestants get to show off the kind of food they love to cook. The best two get put through immediately - the remaining three must cook again in a reinvention test for a chance to move forward.

The final four will then get the chance to cook a main and a dessert for former MasterChef finalists - including first ever winner Thomasina Miers - before one of them leaves the competition for ever.

Thursday 2nd April

Inside No. 9 - Pick of the day, 10pm

Inside No. 9 - Pick of the day, 10pm

Arrow Sky 1 HD, 8pm

Suicidal Tendencies. The Suicide Squad (not to be confused with DC's upcoming all-star film) make an appearance in this ambitious episode, while Oliver and Ray have a face-off.

Fortitude Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

It's the penultimate episode, and the truth behind Billy Pettigrew and his murder is revealed. There's still one final episode left, so we suspect everything isn't neatly tied up with a bow - the small town of Fortitude has plenty of secrets and twists left for us.

Inside No. 9 BBC Two HD, 10pm

Friday 3rd April

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Pick of the day, 9pm

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Pick of the day, 9pm

MasterChef BBC One HD, 8.30pm

The critic's brief is our new favourite round on MasterChef. Food critic and regular MasterChef judge William Sitwell sets the criteria for tonight's contestants. For the main course, he wants a spicy dish that is tasty rather than trendy.

For dessert, Sitwell says, "I love classic English puddings - blackberry and apple crumble, treacle tart. I love a good tarte tatin."

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Channel 4 HD, 9pm

Who You Really Are. Lady Sif from Asgard pays another visit to our humble Midgard, but Coulson must help her regain her memory after a battle with a Kree warrior.

The Kree agent is helpful in explaining Terrigenesis and the history of the Inhumans - the show delves further into Marvel's greater mythology than ever before - but Skye's new powers divide the team.

Eurovision's Greatest Hits BBC One HD, 9pm

The Eurovision Song Contest celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, so yes, this is exactly what you think it is, and more. The best and most memorable acts from Eurovision history (sadly, ABBA isn't reforming for this very special event), including current winner Conchita Wurst (Rise Like A Phoenix), 2012's Loreen (Euphoria) and - wait for it - Lordi (Hard Rock Hallelujah), will perform in this one-off concert at London's Apollo Hammersmith.

Let's party like it's 2006.

Saturday 4th April

My Neighbor Totoro - Pick of the day, 1pm

My Neighbor Totoro - Pick of the day, 1pm

Barclays Premier League: Arsenal v Liverpool BT Sport 1 HD, 12.45pm

With international football done and dusted, we return to the bread and butter of the Premier League.

Arsenal and Liverpool are both fighting to be in next season's Champions League, but defeat against Manchester United has left Liverpool further behind and only three points will do here. Could this match be the dress rehearsal for the FA Cup final in May?

My Neighbor Totoro Film4 HD, 1pm

Studio Ghibli's most famous and endearing film follows the adventures of two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei, who move into an old house to be closer to their hospitalised mother. In the forests surrounding the house, they discover magical creatures called Totoros, and what follows is a story of childhood wonder and innocence.

Sunday 5th April

Guardians of the Galaxy - Pick of the day, 8pm

Guardians of the Galaxy - Pick of the day, 8pm

The Muppets BBC One HD, 1.15pm

World's biggest Muppets fan Walter, his human brother Gary (Jason Segel) and Gary's girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) must reunite the Muppets in order to save the iconic Muppet Theatre from being razed to the ground by oil tycoon Tex Richman.

With a toe-tapping Academy Award-winning sountrack, some excellent cameos and the colourful, lovable Muppets returning to our screens after a 12-year absence, it's a brilliant, joyous family film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Sky Movies HD Superheroes, 8pm

I am Groot.*

[*Translation: A thief, an assassin, a warrior, a talking raccoon and his bodyguard tree band together to save the galaxy from a Kree fanatic. Marvel's funnest film yet.]

'Til next week...

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