Wake up to the sound of your iPod or MP3 player

Gear4 BlackBox 24/7

Today's entry comes from Gear4, with news of its BlackBox 24/7. It's an iPod/MP3 dock with built-in alarm and FM radio, so you can program it to wake you up to your favourite radio station, or a selection of tracks from your iPod.

There's even an old-fashioned buzzer and sleep mode for those mornings when you really, really don't want to get out of bed.

The unit has twin 2.75in drivers delivering a total of 16w. Your iPod will charge while it's in the dock, and if you have another brand of MP3 player, it can be connected using the line input.

Unlike other BlackBox models, the 24/7 doesn't have A2DP Bluetooth connectivity, but it's still based around the design of the original BlackBox and BlackBox Mini.

It has a deep gloss black finish, ambient display and touch-sensitive buttons. Five iPod dock adaptors, a 3.5mm audio cable, remote control and AC adapter are included with the system. It costs £49.99.