VPI Avenger Direct turntable brings direct-drive technology to the high-end series

VPI Avenger Direct
(Image credit: VPI)

While the membership of VPI's Avenger turntable range still has a long way to go to match that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is getting one step closer with the launch of the all-new Avenger Direct.

Joining the rim-driven Avenger, Avenger Plus and Avenger Reference, this fourth model stands out from its siblings by utilising the company's most advanced direct-drive technology – the same used in the VPI HW-40 Anniversary deck.

The Avenger Direct is equipped with the brand's Fatboy tonearm, complete with its VTA calibration, and can be fitted with up to two additional tonearms for extra user flexibility. A self-correcting speed-accuracy function is on the menu, too.

That's all packaged into an Avenger Series Tripod chassis, a three-layer construction of acrylic and aluminium with damping material between each layer, and three stainless steel corner posts for isolation and mechanical grounding. The corner posts that hold the tonearms have machined knobs to facilitate any height adjustment required, too, and the wire used is none other than Nordost Reference.

The Avenger Direct also benefits from the same isolation found in VPI's flagship Titan turntable, courtesy of pneumatic air suspension feet.

Anyone familiar with the VPI Avenger family will know to take a deep breath now before reading the asking fee. OK, ready? 

The VPI Avenger Direct is available for £35,500 / $36,000 (exc sales tax) / $58,500. See, that wasn't so bad now, erm, was it?


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