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Tired of listening to crystal-clear digital sound through your computer. Longing for some analogue crackle? Vinylfied could be for you…

We all love vinyl, that much appears to be clear. Whether it's the album artwork and sleevenotes you can read, the interaction of placing the needle to the groove, or even the small hisses and crackles you occasionally get. 

Music streaming services can’t offer any of that. Instead they give you instant access to any song in varying sound qualities up to hi-res. How dull.

Enter Vinylfied, a website that adds an imitation vinyl hiss to the background of the track you’re listening to. You can choose to stream music from Spotify, Pandora or SoundCloud directly, or have it running in the background of streams from other services. 

So now you can have the best of both worlds. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s any good.

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emperor's new clothes's picture

Quote: So now you can have

Quote: So now you can have the best of both worlds. 

Arguably, the worst of both worlds. Compressed LoFi and crackles.

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Deliberately make your music

Deliberately make your music sound worse, why?

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...it gives you something to ponder as you sip your deconstructed, artisanal soy latte.

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Great for when I feel the need

Vinyl emulation in other words as used often in recording studios particularly on Dance music and other similar types of music. Can be very effective in giving the music something that the ear/brain needs. A kind of distraction to blend the strands. Also the vinyl surface noise emulation does mask amp hiss and other system noise if the system doesn't have a very low noise floor. Not something I would want to use all the time but it certainly is not a bad addition to a media player or streaming service. Clean clear digital sound can be uninvolving at times.

Also I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt after doing comparisons that the compressed lossy formats Ogg Vorbis and Opus are indistinuishable from 24bit 96kHz and 24bit 192kHz uncompressed files providing the encoder and decoder is a recent highest quality decoder and the bit rates used are at the highest end exceeding 400mbps and up to 500mbps and sampled at 48kHz. There is no appreciable improvement in sound of FLAC files compared to Ogg and Opus or above 48kHz and definately not above 88.2kHz. Soundcloud streaming at 128kbps 44.1kHz is surprisingly good and definately not lo-fi. Other things like the actual quality of the system matter more than whether a file is lossy or lossless, high or low bit and sampling rates.

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Hi Colin,

Hi Colin,

My cochlea obviously sends different signals along my auditory nerves for processing. This subject produces an endless stream of opinion presented as fact. 

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'24-192 Music Downloads are very silly indeed'....courtesy of Monty on xiph.org. It's well worth a read.

How much more evidence do you need...?

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Listening now. :'^(

So, the site just plays a looping crusty crackle and hiss.

There is no feel of vinyl or 'warming' of the audio going on at all, contrary to what the website says.  You just leave the web site open while listening to music, to have the sound effect playing behind it.

Fun for five minutes, I guess.

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Wow. Excellent news

No need to worry about all that vinyl hardware. We can can just use our unadulterated digital source and put it through this website.

I hope they get an app for iPads so we can listen to our music collection with that distinctive vinyl quality that is all the rage these days.

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Coming next.....

Pops, cracks, whistles , Morse code breakthroughs.....
In short (ahem) to make your music sound like you're back in the 60s listening to the BBC World Service on short wave radio...

Now, where is my pith helmet? The memsahib Andi are going to a tiger shoot with the rajah this afternoon....

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Will sir be taking the pith...?