USA: Samsung partners with Blockbuster to deliver OnDemand entertainment

Blockbuster logo

And that could mean an end to finding the last copy of that latest film has just been snaffled by someone else, or forgetting to return it on time.

Samsung Electronics America has just announced a deal with entertainment rental chain Blockbuster, which will see owners of new Samsung TVs, systems and Blu-ray Disc players streaming movies via the Blockbuster OnDemand service.

Using the system, it'll be possible to buy or rent a movie, and just press 'play' to have it streamed into your home via your internet connection. The service also delivers trailers and details of movies direct to the player, system or TV, without needing a home computer in the chain.

Samsung says the Blockbuster OnDemand service will be integrated into new US-market BD players and TVs within a few months, and owners of a range of recent Samsung TVs, home cinema systems and TVs will be able to add it via a firmware upgrade, or a downloadable Blockbuster OnDemand widget.

And it looks like the deal is a win-win for both sides: while Blockbuster gets into homes via Samsung equipment, ready for the time of year when consumers may be less inclined to take a trek to their local store to get a movie, Samsung gets an attractive add-on for its products and an additional sales outlet.

Well, thousands of additional outlets, actually: Samsung Blu-ray Disc players with integrated Blockbuster OnDemand will be sold through Blockbuster's stores across the States, as well as online at