Film Fresh
Warner, Paramount, Sony and Lionsgate join forces with Film Fresh to offer $9.99 Divx movie downloads users can keep

As of yesterday, US movie enthusiasts can download major movies from some of the big studios, burn them to disc and play them on virtually any DVD or Blu-ray Disc player.

Online movie service Film Fresh has joined forces with Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony and Warner to offer Divx-format movie downloads buyers can store on their home computer, or copy or burn to storage media for playback on any registered Divx-certified device.

And that means everything from DVD and Blu-ray players to the PS3 and mobile phones, with buyers able to make unlimited copies of movies for playback on devices they have registered, using Divx's built-in content management.

Divx estimates there are already 200 million compatible devices in use worldwide.

Initial titles available include Iron Man, W., The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and many more, with prices starting from around $9.99 (just over £6).