This Tri-Art bamboo turntable is an eco-friendly way to enjoy your vinyl

Wood you believe it - here's a turntable made almost entirely out of bamboo.

The Sprout Series from Tri-Art Audio is hand-crafted in Canada. Because bamboo grows back so quickly (some varieties grow at up to a metre a day), it's one of the most environmentally friendly materials to make things from. Hence not only will you get yourself quite a centrepiece for your listening room, you'll also be doing Mother Earth some good.

It's not made entirely out of wood, though. That would be a bit too Heath Robinson. Instead, it has a bronze collar bearing with steel ball bearings, and an aluminium sub platter with a steel shaft.

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The workings are pretty standard, too. It takes a moving magnet cartridge (an Audio technica 95E is included), and is calibrated for 5mv, 47ohm cartridges.

But that doesn't mean it's not eye catching. The arm is soaked in hemp oil and sealed in beeswax, and a micro bubble level comes included.

So how much does it cost? You'll be glad to hear it can be yours for a not completely outrageous $650 (£524). For more info, head to the Tri-Art website.

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