TomTom iPhone
While other navigation apps are available, the one we've all been waiting for is here today, with the launch of TomTom for iPhone

The long-awaited TomTom app for the iPhone is finally released on the iTunes Store today, adding yet another string to the iPhone's bow and ensuring Apple's iconic phone has yet another use.

TomTom for iPhone is available in five guises, covering UK & Ireland, Western Europe, US & Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The UK & Ireland app costs £60.

Requiring iPhone OS 3.0 or later, the app includes touchscreen controls, TomTom IQ Routes, multiple display options and updatable maps.

Automatically syncing with your address book, it should be easy enough to navigate to your Mum's in a couple of clicks.

While the likes of CoPilot, MotionX and TrafficUK have proved popular in the world of iPhone navigation tools, TomTom's success in the in-car sat-nav world means the company's arrival is sure to prove a hit.

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