These 4 new features are coming to Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers via a new update

Sky Glass
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Sky's Entertainment OS, the operating system that runs on the Sky Glass and Sky Stream, is getting a few new quality of life improvements with a new update that's rolling out to all devices today. 

Dubbed Entertainment OS 1.2, the update adds new playlist features, improved Netflix integration and new voice commands centred around the Women's World Cup. While these aren't game changing features or picture upgrades, there are a few meaningful quality of life upgrades that should make operating your Sky Glass or Sky Stream a bit quicker and easier, as well as a handy restart function that means you won't risk seeing spoilers if you're tuning into a programme late.

1. Improved playlist management

Entertainment OS playlist screen on a Sky Glass TV

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Sky has made some pretty hefty improvements to the playlist feature in Entertainment OS with this update, mostly centred around managing the content within your playlists. With this new 'manage all' feature, you can see all of the content in your personalised playlists in one convenient place. 

From here you can easily remove content, as well as move content between your playlists. All you need to do is press the '+' button on the show or movie you'd like to move and select the relevant destination playlist. 

To find this new feature, scroll down to the bottom of Playlists and select the 'manage all' option.

2. Restart from the Show Page

Entertainment OS Show Page screen on a Sky Glass TV

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While restarting a show or movie isn't a new feature on Entertainment OS, you currently have to tune into the programme you'd like to restart. This isn't a massive problem per se, it does put you at risk of spoilers, especially frustrating with the current state of high stakes Sky programming like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us - no one likes spoilers,

Thankfully, it looks like Sky has found a solution by adding the restart button to the Show Pages, meaning you start whatever you're intending to watch without having to play the content from where its currently playing. Sky notes that if you try to use this feature on any BBC live channels, it will take you to the iPlayer app where the show will play from the beginning. 

3. Continue watching with Netflix 


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Netflix has been integrated into Entertainment OS' continue watching rail, meaning you can pick up from where you left off without having to open the app. This should make hopping back into the series your binging quicker and easier. Its a simple, yet appreciated new feature that should make the whole experience feel even slicker.

4. Watch the Women's World Cup with voice commands

Entertainment OS Women's World Cup screen on a Sky Glass TV

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Sky has implemented a long list of new voice commands in conjunction with the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, which is taking place in Australia and New Zealand. 

Say any of the new trigger phrases including "Women's World Cup", "Lionesses" or "It's coming home" and you'll be taken to a new destination page with live games, highlights, catch up and league tables. The new page includes coverage from the BBC, ITV and Sky Sports, all collected in one place.


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