The world now has a speaker-cum-coffee-table

The world now has a speaker-cum-coffee-table

As crowd-funding efforts go, Hong Kong-based startup CoolGeek has played a blinder. Just 48 hours after its Kickstarter page for a speaker-cum-coffee-table went live, it is fully funded. Does the world really need a coffee table with 360-degree sound? Not at all. But it wants it anyway - and who are we to argue?

The Soundesk comprises a 11mm glass table held up by a obelisk-shaped base that contains five speakers promising omni-directional audio.

There are two full-range drivers (driven by 15 watts of amplification) back-to-back near the top, alongside two silk dome tweeters powered by a 5-watt amp. A 40-watt subwoofer holds things down at the bottom. We're thankful to see built-in vibration damping on the spec sheet - after all, wine could be at stake here!

In addition to USB and 3.5mm aux ports for hooking up a source, the Soundesk also boasts Bluetooth, with a built-in lithium battery promising a whopping three months of standby from a single charge.

For an early-bird pledge of $399 (about £308) you can secure yourself one Soundesk, while $788 gets you two of them. Pledge now and you can expect to receive your table (or tables) in August. 

Speakers in tables, eh? They’ll be putting kettles inside alarm clocks next… oh, wait.

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