Sonos One and Beam now have Google Assistant in the UK

Sonos One and Beam now have Google Assistant in the UK
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Sonos One and Beam owners in the UK can now use Google Assistant to control their smart devices with their voice. Google's voice-activated personal assistant now works with the Sonos One speaker and Sonos Beam soundbar thanks to a long-awaited software update.

The update has also landed for customers in Germany, Canada, Australia, France and the Netherlands. It arrived in the US in the middle of May.

Sonos' smart speakers already support Amazon's Alexa voice-activated personal assistant. So now you have a choice of which digital butler to use.

Google Assistant has more than a million actions, so there should be plenty of hands-free commands to try out. These include basic controls like play/pause and skip to the next track, request music from radio stations and streaming services, controlling the TV (with Sonos Beam), getting calendar appointments, alarms, timers and reminders and controlling other smart home devices like lights and thermostats.

As we say, plenty to try.

Speaking about Google Assistant's arrival on Sonos speakers in May, Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO, said the new functionality offered customers different ways to control their smart speakers.

"We value freedom of choice, empowering listeners to choose what they want to listen to and how they want to control it," he said in a statement. "Adding voice, now with the Google Assistant, has made that control even easier."


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