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Sky TV is coming to the Xbox 360 this autumn

As widely predicted on the web yesterday, Sky is teaming up with Xbox 360 to deliver Sky TV, sports and movies through the Xbox 360 from this autumn.

Neil Thompson, head of Xbox 360 in the UK, says: "This is another ground-breaking moment for the Xbox 360."

Sky Player will be accessible via Xbox Live on the 360 console when connected to a broadband ISP. Details of Sky TV prices and packages for Xbox remain under wraps, but it's confirmed the service will launch later this year.

"The entertainment business is in the process of huge change, and Sky and Xbox are pioneering that change," says Thompson. "Existing Xbox 360 owners will have a way of accessing new content through the Sky Player."

Sky Player will sit within Video Marketplace on the Xbox, and has its own iTunes Coverflow-style menu: you can browse by channel: movies, sports, entertainment, art and culture, news and documentaries.

All content is streamed via broadband in standard definition - there will be no Sky HD content via Xbox.

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