The new Sky Q service will be available in early 2016, is Ultra HD compatible and aims to deliver "fluid viewing". There are two new Sky Q boxes, a new app, new broadband hub and a redesigned Sky Q interface.

Sky has launched its much-anticipated new platform, called Sky Q. The platform includes two new Sky TV boxes, a new Sky Q app and a new broadband hub.

The box is Ultra HD compatible, with Sky promising to launch "the UK’s most comprehensive Ultra High Definition service later in 2016". 

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The main Sky Q box has a whopping 12 TV tuners and is capable of recording four programmes at once. The main Sky Q box is the powerhouse of the system, which can then feed a maximum of two Sky Q mini boxes in two other rooms. Each box is also a WiFi hotspot, boosting your network around your home.

You can watch on up to three TVs and two tablets at once - and it's the first time that Sky has allowed you to watch recorded content from your box on a tablet.

The new boxes also include AirPlay and Bluetooth for streaming music from a phone, tablet or computer. There's no support for video over AirPlay, however.

A new Sky Q app makes this possible, launching on iOS and Android tablets at first, with a smartphone app set to launch later in 2016. The Sky Q mini box too, the company's first wireless box, streams recorded content wirelessly from your main box and has access to on demand programmes.

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The platform aims to deliver a "fluid" TV viewing experience, allowing you to watch recorded programmes and Sky content across multiple devices, in the home and in the go, including your recording programmes on a tablet.

The service launches with a brand new interface, which marries live and on demand content, and will offer content recommendations based on your viewing habits. There are apps too, such as Vevo and YouTube, plus editorial content from the likes of Wired.

Sky Q is a whole new platform for Sky and as a result, it won't work with existing Sky+ boxes. While Sky says it's always working on improvements to its service, it's unlikely the new interface will come to Sky+ HD boxes either.

There's a new remote for the Q system, with a touch interface promising to make browsing content easier and faster.

Sky Q will launch in early 2016, with pricing and further details on 4K channels to be confirmed nearer the time.

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"It's time to set your TV free" was the teaser video, and while Ultra HD was part of the announcement, it was the wireless, fluid viewing aspect of the new Q platform that took centre stage.

Rumours around a Sky 4K box had circulated for some time, with BT having beaten Sky to the jump earlier this year with a 4K box to accompany the launch of its BT Sport Ultra HD channel.

Sky established 'Project Ethan' to work on 4K TV back in 2014. Earlier this year it had been suggested Sky Q was the company's plan to deliver a Netflix-style interface, blending live and on-demand content, and the rumours were true.

The ability to watch content recorded to your Sky box on your mobile or tablet was long-rumoured and this finally arrived with Sky Q, as did the ability to stream different programmes to different sceens, all from the same box and Sky account. Another popular upgrade request was for more tuners - Virgin offers three tuners in its TiVo box as opposed to Sky's two - and Sky took a giant leap to a massive 12 tuners in the main Sky Q box.

There's no word on pricing - we wouldn't expect these boxes or the new Q service to be cheap - but Sky promised more information ahead of the launch in "early 2016".

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gel's picture

What are you going to do?

oh no what you going to do without a 4K TV oh no!

The_Lhc's picture

Watch it in 1080i. Most of

Watch it in 1080i. Most of the channels will still be broadcast st that resolution for some time to come.

jjbomber's picture

I'd like to see ...

... frame by frame advance. It's been available in Freeview for years, so why not Sky?

chris_bates1974's picture

I'd like to see...

Sky not ripping us off by charging for stuff that is standard with Virgin....

MG's picture

New Sky box

4 tuners and a 4 terabyte hard drive on a 4K box would be great

nijgreen's picture

I agree MG I think we have

I agree MG I think we have all come up against wanting to record three channels at once and have to scramble for a +1 Channel as you say Extra Storage would be good,

A 4Tuner x 4TB x 4K would get my vote, although 4K does not really affect me! see my other post in this section.

lastcoyote's picture

New Sky TV Box..

I've been waiting for the feature to be able to view my recordings on my iPad. I can definitely see this as being one of the new features. 

DeeCee's picture

New Sky box

Having contributed several thousand pounds to Sky over the years, I fail to see how Sky can use the word Free in any headline, unless perhaps ............ No I'm dreaming again!

lovlid's picture

Idiot whingers

Moaning about the thousands of pounds you've given to Sky "over the years" makes you look dumb. If you're "still" handing your money over to Sky, it makes you look dumber.

@gel..What are you saying? The comment makes no sense.

@chris_bates1974..Such as??? wheres your follow up.

Ohforgoodnesssake's picture

you do not give

No one ''gives money to Sky'' you pay for a service, but we do give money to the government, think taxes,and what do you get, so if you don't want the service, don't pay. It's all about choice.

Mark Rose-Smith's picture

This 4K version should be

This 4K version should be rolled out at the same price as sky hd for loyal sky customers..will it?don't be silly.they want to fleece us at every opportunity.

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Get real!

Get real!

UHD is twice as expensive to deliver than HD, just as it is with HD over SD

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Will it require 12 cables from the satellite dish?

habler's picture


Will it require 12 cables from the satellite dish?

daveh75's picture



The Sky Q Silver box only has 2 LNB inputs

So presumably they're using SCR/Unicable to feed the tuners, so it would just require using existing cables and swapping out the LNB for an SCR/Unicable compatible one

nijgreen's picture

New Sky Q Box

Help I am not aware of any LNB that fits on a Satellite Dish with 12 tuners is the first thing, secondly, as for 4K I have a 65" Panasonic TX-65CX802B and a Denon AVR-X7200W I use the latter to upgrade all my viewing to 4K which not only does it well, it does it very well indeed, and to watch genuine 4K against upgrading all video signals to 4K through the amp makes no difference whether its from the Sky + HD Box / Blu-Ray / Computer / or from the Apps on the TV all are viewed in stunning crystal clear 4K,

The Panasonic TV has Freesat and a second Tuner to link to a further Satellite.

So I`m wondering if Sky has run its course (who needs twelve tuners???) 

There is so much free content out there and if Sky is going to Hike its prices through the roof I don`t think I will be going the Sky Q route as I already pay just over £100 per month to Sky for my Sky World Package.

Sky already make it very difficult to finetune your Sky Package without losing something you want to keep, You can already watch Sky on the go anyway so: whats the difference??

Answer: 10 Tuners and of course probably a steep price rise

wonkycows's picture

Will it work

I'm just wondering how long this box will run for without crashing and having to be turned off and back on at the mains.  Also wondering along the same lines, how long it would take to boot up after it's been knocked back on again.

nijgreen's picture

I think the only thing that

I think the only thing that will be FREE will be teething problems