Sky Glass update means you'll never miss the start of a TV programme

Sky Glass update improves Playlist and Restart features
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Sky Glass only launched a couple of months ago but Sky has already issued an update, improving a couple of its features.

First up, the update tweaks the Playlist feature, which lets you save all your content in the same place. Head to the Playlist rail on the Homepage and playback will start automatically, making it quicker to start watching. 

If you're watching live TV and the Restart function is available, it'll jump you back to the start of the show so you can watch it in its entirety. A new progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much you've watched, while a play icon on the picture tile lets you pick up where you left off.

New content from shows you've saved in Playlist will only show up until they've been broadcast, after which they'll appear as the first item in the 'Play now' rail. And if you add a live broadcast to your Playlist and it's already available on demand, it will be automatically added to the 'Play now' section so you can watch it straight away.

A new 'View all' option for Playlist on the Homepage lets you quickly see everything on your Playlist, and you can view by categories like TV shows, Movies and Sport. A future update will make it easy to remove content from the Playlist, too.

The Restart function is also easier to use straight from the TV Guide, thanks to a new rail at the top of each category. This lets you restart content without clicking on the programme itself. BBC programmes can also be restarted by selecting the channel, pressing the red button and selecting the Restart option that appears, or from within the iPlayer app.

Is it an elegant one-box solution? Or does it shoot itself in the foot by limiting your choice of TV? The truth is somewhere in the middle, as you can discover in our Sky Glass review.


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