The UK might still be awaiting blanket 4G coverage, but efforts to develop the next generation of mobile broadband – 5G – appear to be progressing, with Samsung Electronics announcing it had achieved two "milestone achievements".

At 7.5Gbps, the Korean electronics giant claims to have achieved the fastest-ever data transmission rate in a stationary setting. And, according to Samsung, it was the first successful test of its kind to be performed in an outdoor environment.

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In addition to its stationary speed test, Samsung achieved an "uninterrupted and stable" connection of 1.2Gbps in a mobile environment – a vehicle travelling at 100km/h (62mph) to be exact. Again, it's claimed to be the "industry's first".

Chang Yeong Kim, head of DMC R&D Centre at Samsung Electronics, said: "“We will continue to build upon these milestones and develop advanced technologies that contribute to the 5G standard. 

"Whether you are talking about mobile devices, the cloud, or the Internet of Things, the demand for 5G telecommunications standard and its supporting technologies will continue to grow."

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