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Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Android Jelly Bean upgrade

Google has announced that Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners can now upgrade their handsets to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Keep an eye out for a prompt alerting you to the update some time over the next week.

The Jelly bean OS has a number of tricks up its sleeve:

• Google says it has improved Voice Search so that it can display answers to spoken questions from sources including Wikipedia, the CIA World Factbook and Freebase

• It has also introduced Google Now which is designed to offer information without the user having to actively trigger a query

• It's been designed to run operational tasks simultaneously for smoother performance

• Live notifications allow you to make phone calls, read emails, view (and share) pictures and respond to calendar invites without leaving the notifications pull-down

• You can resize widgets to taste, automating the flow of other app icons on the same screen

• Google has improved the keyboard and shrunk its voice database so that you can use voice typing even when there's no data connection (US English only)

• There's Bluetooth pairing via Android Beam, and instant picture reviewing on the camera app

• Search has been rewritten from the ground up to incorporate Knowledge Graph

In a separate development, Samsung has convinced a US court to lift temporarily a ban on selling its Galaxy Nexus smartphones in America.

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