Runco's LED-lit QuantumColor projectors gain THX certification

Runco Q-750i

And it's not just our word you can take for it – THX has seen fit to give them THX Display certification, too. This mkaes them the world's first THX-certified LED projectors.

THX ensures that certified projectors perform to the standards outlined in the THX Certified Display program.

THX is concerned purely with video performance here and claim 'precise nd rigorous' testing standards and the THX Certified Display testing is summarised at

“We are thrilled to partner with Runco for these newest high-performance projection systems, including the world's first THX-Certified LED projectors,” says Rick Dean, senior vice president of THX.

“THX testing and certification aims to reproduce the detailed images, accurate colours and deep black levels found in the filmmaker's studio, ensuring Runco projectors can deliver stunning visual experiences that are true to director's vision.”

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Published 13/11/2009

Now available in the UK are the new QuantumColor Series projectors from Runco, using the company's new InifiniLight lampless LED illumination to "provide an infinite light source that creates an energy-efficient projector with the widest colour gamut ever seen in home theatre projection".

The new models also consume 70% less power than conventional projectors, have an InstantOn system to remove the need for a 'standby' mode, and also promise greater reliability due to their lack of a colour wheel or mechanical iris.

In addition the projectors offer a wider-than-ever colour gamut thanks to the company's Personal Color Equalizer and SmartColor hue compensation curve.

Runco claims it is the first to "harness LED illumination 'properly', to deliver a projector that has it all – no lamp to replace, never-before-seen colours, high reliability, [and] low power consumption".

The two models are the one-box £17,995 Q-750i, and the £20,995 Q-750D, which comes complete with the company's latest DHD external controller/processor. They're distributed in the UK by Pulse Marketing.

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