Dark Knight Blu-ray
Official figures released today by the British Video Association show that Dark Knight sold 513,000 units on its first day of release, 21 per cent of which were Blu-ray discs

The British Video Association is bullish about Blu-ray disc sales in the run-up to Christmas, with new figures released showing a sizeable amount of sales are on the HD format.

Dark Knight clocked-up an impressive 513,000 sales on its very first day of release with 21 per cent of those being on Blu-ray. We got the abacus out and reckon that's just under 108,000 BD discs – not too shabby.

The figures, from Official Charts Company data, show that recent releases such as Iron Man, Wall.E and Hancock have all seen a sizeable proportion of their sales on the Blu-ray format.

And it's not just the big blockbusters – titles such as Planet Earth and Earth have seen '25 per cent of their sales this year sold on the format'.

In November 2008, Blu-ray sold almost 463,000 discs - an impressive 66 per cent increase on the previous month – no doubt boosted by some tasty releases. Keep those quality releases coming, we say...

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Blu-ray sales to date on selected titles:

  • Hancock – released on 3rd December 2008 - 37,000 units
  • Wall-E – released on 28th November 2008 - 60,000 units
  • Iron Man – released on 29th October 2008 - 95,000 units
  • Planet Earth - released 27th November 2007 – 58,000 units
  • Earth - released on 17th March 2008 – 13,000 units

Total Blu-ray sales November 2008:

  • 2.5 million units +396% - 52 Weeks Rolling
  • 2.2 million units +337% - Year to Date