QED upgrades its Performance HDMI cables

QED Performance HDMI

Improvements to the new cable include 99.99 per cent pure oxygen-free copper conductors, increased from 28awg (American wire gauge) to 26awg.

These new larger conductors are used for the cores that send and receive control data, as well as those that transfer the audio and video signals.

According to QED, this means the new cables can be guaranteed to deliver optimum performance over longer lengths.

The HDMI plugs are a new and stronger design, and the interface between each conductor and the HDMI plug is now 'laser soldered' to ensure a better connection.

The new cables are tested to HDMI specification 1.3 and are certified to a minimum resolution of 8-bit, 1080p, 60Hz up to a length of 7m.

QED Performance HDMI cables are now available in lengths from 0.5m to 20m. The 1m version costs £50.