qed silverline five
New model meets industry standards for in-wall and between-floors use, and 'brings hi-fidelity purist performance to the custom installation market'

New from QED is a custom-installation version of its popular Silver Anniversary speaker cable. Silverline Five, which has an outer diameter of just 3.4mm, is said to bring "brings hi-fidelity purist performance to the custom installation market".

The new cable is, the company says "the first audiophile quality speaker cable to be fully rated by Underwriters Laboratories.

"It meets the UL-CL3 standard for in-wall use, the UL13 standard for Power Limited Cables, and the UL-CL3R standard for use as a certified Riser cable that can safely be used between floors in both residential and commercial locations."

The cable uses four 99.999% oxygen-free silver-plated wires per conductor, and comes sheathed in a flexible white PVC jacket for ease of installation. It costs £5 per metre, and is distributed by Armour Home Elelectronics.