PS5 console and launch titles set for May reveal?

PS5 console and launch titles set for May reveal?
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Sony has already taken the covers off its new DualSense PS5 controller. All we're missing now is a look at the PS5 games that will be arriving at launch, oh, and the actual PlayStation5 console.

Well, according to the latest digital edition of Official PlayStation Magazine, you can expect to see a PS5 games preview in its upcoming July issue, which hits stores on June 2nd. Now, given the deadlines magazines usually work to and assuming the games won't be revealed before the console, this could mean that PlayStation 5 launch titles and the PS5 console could make an appearance at some point during May.

Of course, there's no E3 games exhibition this year, which means Sony could launch the console at any time it sees fit. The Japanese giant could, if it chooses, drag out the anticipation and hype for a few more months yet, although this would give its rival, the Xbox Series X more time in the limelight.

We already know what Microsoft's next-gen console looks like plus many finer details, so it would seem strange for Sony to leave us with just a new controller and a handful of specs to talk about.


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