Promotion: Sevenoaks Sound & Vision – the UK retail launch partner for Dolby Atmos at home

Dolby Atmos uses extra speakers – either in your ceiling or firing upwards from on top of your existing set-up – to give you the most immersive surround sound you've ever heard. It's like 4K for your ears. And you can experience it first-hand at Sevenoaks Sound & Vision – the UK retail launch partner for Dolby Atmos at home.

Dolby Labs has trained Sevenoaks employees nationwide to demonstrate the benefits of Dolby Atmos in the shops' dedicated demonstration rooms, and to discuss the best way to implement it in your home.

To get it in the living room you’ll need a compatible AV receiver along with additional speakers to produce the overhead sound, which is a vital part of the Dolby Atmos experience.

The best way is to add ceiling speakers, but if this isn't possible you can use upward-firing Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers to reflect sound off the ceiling. Options for this have already been announced by KEF and Onkyo, with many more to follow.

And you won't need a new Blu-ray player either: you can play Dolby Atmos content from compatible discs on your existing machine. Dolby Atmos Blu-rays are coming over the next few months, but if you can't wait, Transformers: Age of Extinction, is out on the 17th November in the UK (30th September in the US).

You can even stream Dolby Atmos content from a compatible games console, Blu-ray, or media player. Leading content service provider VUDU is the first streaming service to announce support for Dolby Atmos films, with more to be announced over the coming months.

To find out more about Dolby Atmos, contact your nearest Sevenoaks store or visit

Joe Cox
Content Director

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