Promoted: DALI… Live from London

On Wednesday 23 September we're going to be at London's amazing Hospital Club. We're going to be live. And we're going to bring you exclusive coverage of the DALI Opticon speaker event, right here on this page, from 5.30pm…

The Opticon series distills over 30 years of audio innovation into one range, including distinct nods to the Epicon and Rubicon families.

Opticon brings seven models of varying sizes to the party – all available in silk matte white, black and walnut finishes, with high-gloss white or black front baffles. And, of course, they all use DALI’s top-drawer home-grown wood-fibre woofers and innovative tweeters, plus the proprietary Soft Magnetic Compound pole piece.

The compact woofer/tweeter combination seen in the Opticon 1 standmounter is joined by the Opticon 2, which uses a bigger 16.5cm woofer and 28mm ultra-light soft-dome tweeter. Next up is the Opticon 5 floorstander, which uses DALI’s hybrid soft-dome/ribbon tweeter for maximum transparency and a wide-open soundstange. Its big brother, the Opticon 6, adds a second 16.5cm woofer to delve deeper into the lower frequencies, while the powerhouse Opticon 8 deploys two 20cm woofers, a 16.5cm mid/bass driver and that hybrid tweeter for aural gloriousness across the whole frequency range.

The Opticon Vokal ties an Opticon-based surround-sound system together. It uses a 16.5cm woofer and hybrid tweeter module, plus front-facing bass ports – and is perfect for hiding away in a custom install if you wish.

Finally, the Opticon LCR marries a 16.5cm woofer and rotatable hybrid tweeter unit with an ultra-slim, wall-mountable cabinet.

We'll be updating this page on the day with the live stream of the event. Stay tuned for some fantastic music, interviews with DALI's top engineers and designers, chances to win DALI speakers, and much more. Including a few surprises…

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