Prime Day deals: save up to 47% on Beats headphones and earbuds

Prime Day deals: save up to 47% on Beats headphones and earbuds
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We are almost halfway through Amazon's October Prime sales event and the best Prime Day headphones deals have peaked. There's much to celebrate if you're a Beats fan looking for your next headphones upgrade, too, as Amazon has slashed a trio of pairs by up to 47 per cent.

The deal includes the new Beats Studio Buds for $128.95, the new Beats Fit Pro for $188.95, and the Beats Studio3 Wireless for $198.95 – and all in a range of colours, too.

Save 47% on Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless $378.95 $198.95 at Amazon (save $180)

Beats Studio3 Wireless $378.95 $198.95 at Amazon (save $180)
Street cred and 22 hours of battery life, the Apple W1 chip for Bluetooth connectivity and battery efficiency with the iPhone, and three hours of playback from a 10-minute fast charge.

As well as the street cred you get for wearing a pair of Beats, the Studio3s offer 22 hours of battery life, complete with fast charging that promises three hours of playback from just a one-minute – yes, one-minute – charge.

The magic of Apple's W1 chip works to optimise that battery, enable proximity pairing (a one-step Bluetooth connection to the iPhone), and ups the connectivity range so you can move from your source from 10m (the distance limited by Class 2 Bluetooth) to 100m. Pure adaptive noise cancelling, meanwhile, aims to actively block external noise so it doesn't interfere with your music.

As is the norm for Beats’ wireless fare, they also have built-in earcup controls and a microphone that allow you to make calls, control playback and activate Siri voice control.

The Studio3 Wireless aren't the latest pair of Beats, nor do they contain Beats' latest technology, but at less than $200, they're a tempting buy for iPhone users wanting over-ears Beats on a relative budget.

Save 28% on Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds$178.95$128.95 at Amazon (save $50)

Beats Studio Buds $178.95 $128.95 at Amazon (save $50)
We called these new Beats "a neat true wireless solution that represents one of the best affordable alternatives to Apple’s AirPods we’ve seen so far". So, what are you waiting for?

The Studio Buds are unlike any Beats earbuds before, but in a very good way. While previous Beats headphones go heavy on the bass, the Studio Buds are a little more refined, with an expansive bass floor that never compromises the rest of the mix. The presentation is spacious, with decent placement, and the timing is impressive. 

They're compatible with Apple's spatial audio tech too and have active noise cancelling (ANC) and Transparency modes at their disposal.

The Beats Studio Buds support convenient one-touch pairing to both iOS and, for the first time, Android devices. Simply unbox them and draw the case close to your phone. A rotating picture of the case and earpieces pops up on the screen and calmly invites you to connect. What could be simpler?

They offer up to eight hours of listening time (or five when active noise cancelling is switched on) with two additional charges provided by the case, totalling up to 15 hours of playtime with noise-cancelling enabled, or 24 hours of combined playback without it – a shade under class-leading, but perfectly acceptable at this level.

All in all, it's a lot of tech for not much money.

Save 17% on Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro $228.95 $188.95 at Amazon (save $40)

Beats Fit Pro $228.95 $188.95 at Amazon (save $40)
It didn't take us long to realise these Beats earbuds are one of the friendliest propositions around. With a great features list, a sport-friendly fit and fun sound, and Android as well as iOS compatibility, they are among the very best in the Beats lineup.

If you’re looking for an Apple AirPods alternative that can also be used during exercise, these comfortable, feature-packed and fun-sounding Beats are easy to recommend.

The Beats Fit Pro are engaging to listen to – lively and fun, which are particularly admirable traits for sporty buds – and dead-easy to get along with on a daily basis. The fact they aren’t restricted to Apple’s walled garden and play well with Android devices is hugely appealing and makes them easy to recommend to everyone. Like the Beats Studio Buds above, these also sport active noise cancellation (ANC) and Transparency modes.

As AirPods alternatives, these Beats Fit Pro are superb – they offer a more fitness-focused design, a more secure fit, the choice of more colours, and they sound just as good. And as wireless earbuds in their own right, they are just as worthy of your consideration.

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