Prepare to have your mind (and ears) blown at the world’s first live Dolby Atmos music venue

Dolby Live
(Image credit: Dolby)

Dolby has announced the launch of a new live music venue designed from the ground up to offer live music experiences in Dolby Atmos – the first and only venue of its kind in the world.

Located at the very heart of the Las Vegas strip, Dolby Live (formerly known as Park Theatre) has been engineered to feature a fully integrated Atmos playback system. Designed and calibrated by Dolby engineers to match the specific size and dimensions of the 5200-seat theatre, the venue will mostly be used for live concerts, though musicals, eSports events and more are also expected to take advantage of the setup.

We've been fortunate enough to experience live football and music festivals in Atmos in a home setting, so we’re more than a little excited by the prospect of experiencing live music at a dedicated venue in what will likely be an entirely new atmospheric soundscape.

“Dolby Live is a new immersive live music experience where the audience will feel like they are literally on stage with their favorite artist,” said Todd Pendleton, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby Atmos is at the centre of this new experience, which is transforming how music is created and enjoyed. There is no better way to enjoy live entertainment than in Dolby.”

There’s currently no word on when the first performances will take place (or who’ll be gracing the stage), but we look forward to experiencing it ourselves and are crossing our fingers for a CES-ready experience in January.


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