Pioneer to launch its first soundbars at IFA 2013

There's big news from Pioneer at IFA, where the company will launch its first range of TV soundbars. There are three models in the line-up: the SBX-N300 (£170); SBX-N500 (£250); and the flagship SBX-N700 (above, £350).

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All three models are equipped with DLNA, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth for wireless streaming from compatible devices to the soundbar. The 'N500 and 'N700 get the added bonus of Miracast, which uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to mirror the content of your mobile device on a TV screen through the HDMI output of the soundbar.

Pioneer has also added its Sound Retriever technology to the range to improve audio quality. In addition, the SBX-N700 and SBX-N500 can act as a Bluetooth transmitter (as well as receiver) to connect to other enabled devices such as Bluetooth speakers.

The two cheaper models have integrated twin subwoofers, while the SBX-N700 comes with a separate wireless subwoofer.

Inputs on the SBX-300 (above) are two optical, one coaxial and one analogue. The SBX-N700 and SBX-N500 get HDMI, two optical inputs, a stereo mini-jack and USB. All three soundbars can be controleed using the Pioneer ControlApp for iOS or an Android app.

By Andy Clough

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