The new BDP-LX88 and BDP-LX58 Blu-ray players are successors to the DV-AX10 and BDP-LX91 models.

Both models benefit from Pioneer's new advanced video engine, made up of a Precise Pixel Driver image processor and a new 4K Reference Converter. This upscales discs or network content to Ultra HD 4K resolution.

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The BDP-LX88 features the ES9018 ESS SABRE DAC, which promises the "utmost audio quality output". The BDP-LX58 meanwhile features the ES9011 DAC chip.

The Pioneer players can support DVD audio, SACD (Super Audio CD) and most other high-resolution audio file types. 

The BDP-88FD (pictured) uses all four integrated DACs at the one time, in an attempt to reduce noise. A "Direct Function Circuit" is used for analogue audio playback and shuts off all video circuits, delivering all available power to the audio components.

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The 88FD claims enhanced audio performance over the 85FD thanks in part to a larger capacity power supply.

Both Pioneer Blu-ray players support DLNA, can stream content from smartphones and tablets and play high-resolution content from USB, discs and hard drives. Both models feature two USB ports, one on the front and one on the back, meaning a USB device and an optional Pioneer wi-fi adaptor can be connected at the same time.

A double-layered chassis has been used in the construction of both Elite models, for an ultra-rigid structure, and there are upgrades to the capacitors and other components. A three-chamber design has been used in the players, separating the power supply, digital processing circuitry and audio circuitry.

The Pioneer BDP-LX88 will be available from December for £1300. The BDP-LX58 meanwhile will be available from October for £600. Both will arrive in black and silver finishes.


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More for us

And i bet we in the UK will pay about the same as that but in pounds.

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Now updated with UK prices

Now updated with UK prices and information.

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Odd timing, Pioneer!

With 4K Blu-ray players not too far away (Q4 2015) the timing for players, particularly at this price, is quite odd. I reckon most home theater fans will wanna wait to invest in new players. Kinda speaks for itself. These won't be flying off the shelf.