NEWS: Surf, text and email with BT To Go internet smartphone

BT is expanding its broadband service beyond the home with the introduction of BT Total Broadband Anywhere, which includes a free, internet-capable smartphone, the BT ToGo.

Broadband Anywhere customers will get the choice of two styles of BT To Go smartphones – the HTC S620 0r S710 – both powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.

For a fee of £23.99 per month, users of BT Anywhere will be able to use the phone for surfing the web, sending and receiving emails, making calls or texting.

When in range of a wi-fi hotspot, the BT To Go phone connects to the internet at broadband speeds. When outside of wi-fi range, there's a 10MB monthly download allowance, and the package includes 50 call minutes and 50 texts on any network.

Other functions on the phone include a built-in camera, a video/music media player and BT's Snap & Send service, which means photos taken with the phone can be transferred to a personal online BT digital vault to be stored or shared with family and friends.

John Petter, managing director, consumer at BT, says: "Communications services are converging, and it's clear that customers want consistent access to the things that matter not only at home, but in the palm of their hands wherever they are."

Households that require more than one BT To Go handset can buy up to five more for £29.99 each and an additional fee of £5/month for each handset.

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Andy Clough

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