NEWS: SIM2 refines its HT3000 projector

SIM2 has reworked its HT3000 projector, with internal changes bringing greatly increased brightness, definition and colour rendering. And best of all, the price of the new Grand Cinema HT3000E is 20% less than that of the old model.

At the heart of the new version, which sells for £9999, is the combination of Texas Instruments' BrilliantColor technology – SIM2 saying this is the first 'full HD' projector to use it – designed for a brighter picture, better contrast, deeper blacks, more detail and less interference.

This is combined with new Unishape lamp technology, which varies the intensity of the lamp in synchronisation with the digital mirror device and colour wheel, allowing to claim a 40% increase in brightness, 15% more colours and a 60%

The projector has 1920x1080 resolution, allowing 1080p signals to be shown in native form, while a new 2-2.8:1 long-throw lens allows images up to 30ft/9m across to be projected, and lets you put the projector right at the back of the room for a truly cinema-like effect.

HDMI connections (left) on HT3000E rear panel

Twin HDMI inputs are provided as part of a comprehensive range of rear-panel connections, and the projector is housed in a very SIM2 cabinet, designed by Giorgio Revoldini, who has won awards for the styling of past SIM2 models.

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