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NEWS: Sharp's new 2.1 home cinema system

Sharp has announced its latest 2.1 home cinema in a box system, the HT-DV50H. From what we can see it's essentially a floorstanding version of the HT-DV40H, with two tallboy speakers rather than the small, horizontal standmounters used on the predecessor.

There's still an HDMI output capable of outputting 720p/1080i, 250w of total power, DivX support and a USB input. Relased this month, it's set to retail at £399.

The two floorstanding speakers look smart enough and are capable of outputting 75 watts of power per channel, and are joined in this system by the subwoofer, capable of outputting 100 watts.

The main unit boasts an FM tuner, USB input and support for a wide variety of discs and formats – DVD, VCD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX, CD-R/RW.

On board encoding for Dolby Digital and DTS are naturally included, while it also boast Dolby's Audistry technology.

Sharp tells us that the HT-DV40H will remain in shops for now, but we guess the 'DV50H may well replace rather than run alongside the '40 in time. The £399 HT-DV40H should be out this month.

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