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NEWS: Philips offers iPod/MP3 docking stations for every budget

Owners of iPods and other MP3 players now have the choice of seven new docking stations from Philips that are also designed to work with the company's own Go Gear portable music products.

Models available range from a dock with a built-in alarm clock to a 2.1 system with a digital radio and subwoofer, as well as two micro systems with integrated docks and a CD player.

Shown above is the compact AJ300D unit (£70) designed for use as a bedroom alarm clock. It offers the choice of waking up to music from the radio or an iPod or Go Gear jukebox. The system incorporates five speakers and uses Philips's wOOx technology for more powerful bass reproduction.

For those who own an MP3 player with USB connectivity, there's the Philips DCM230 (£200), capable of delivering 2x15w.

Philips DCM230

If you fancy a more substantial sound, Philips offers the DC199 system (£140) with twin satellite speakers and built-in subwoofer. The satellite speakers have metal drivers and neodymium magnets for improved sound quality.

Philips DC199

Micro systems with docking stations are becoming increasingly popular, and Philips has two new models: the £90 MCM138D, a white cube design with docking station, CD player and radio, and the more powerful £140 MCM398D delivering a claimed 2x50w RMS.

Philips MCM138D

Of course, the whole point of an iPod or MP3 player is its portability, and to that end there's the Philips AZ1330D portable CD/radio system with dock, tuner and remote control. It costs £100.

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