NEWS: JVC TVs get Super Slim for New Year

JVC has used its annual Key Dealer Conference in Prague to announce its entire product range for 2008. And as with many manufacturers this year, the theme with its high-definition LCD TVs is slim. Super Slim to be exact.

The new range will be topped by the V Series, which will be available in 42" (LT-42DV9) and 46" (LT-46DV9) panels. At their thickest point the V Series is just 74mm deep, and only 30mm at the edges. The screen surround itself is also very slim at just 23mm, so overall you have a TV that takes up far less room and is much more like a picture frame.

Both models in the V Series are Full HD screens with support for 24Hz, and each has three HDMIs and a PC input. They also boast a new 12-bit colour processor, JVC's 100Hz Clear Motion Drive II for smoother motion-handling, and MaxxAudio for a louder, bassier sound delivery. MaxxAudio also automatically levels the volumes on Freeview broadcasts to ensure the adverts aren't any louder than the program you're watching. Throw in a snazzy remote that has the ability to control any of the products in its 1300+ database, and funky touch-sensitive fascia buttons and you have a very stylish flat-panel proposition.

If you can't wait until the V Series launch in October, you could opt for the S Series, which comes in identical screen sizes and is available from March. These two screens are also of the Super Slim school, and JVC even claim that the March launch date makes them the first ultra-slim TVs to hit UK shelves. Many of the V's features are present, with only the 100Hz Clear Motion Drive II and MaxxAudio features seemingly absent.

Also interesting was the announcement that JVC has teamed-up with Humax to produce two TVs with built in 160GB hard disks. The E Series will come in 26in (LT-26DE9) and 32in (LT-32DE9) sizes, both with three tuners, two digital and one analogue. This means buyers will be able to record one program whilst watching a live Freeview broadcast, or record two digital programs whilst watching a stored recording or the analogue tuner. Both TVs carry the HD-ready logo and will be available in April.

The A Series is a more conventional range, but even so boasts a rather thin 99mm depth and small footprint. Screen sizes range from 19in to 42in, but without a 37in model, as JVC has decided to drop this size entirely. The model numbers are LT-19DA9, LT-26DA9, LT-32DA9 and LT-42DA9, and will begin rolling out in March.

The P Series is represented by the LT-32DP9, a high-end 32in model, which boasts JVC's 100Hz Clear Motion Drive II. The 'P9 is an HD-ready set, but it supports 1080p/24fps and boasts three HDMI inputs. It also has a USB input for Jpeg and MP3 playback.

And finally the R Series will consist of the 42in, Full HD LT-42DR9, which hits stores in March.

Every TV in the 2008 range except the 19in has an optical output, and the standby power consumption is an average 0.2W. The V, S and R Series also let you listen to Freeview radio broadcasts with the screen off.

Unfortunately, pricing for the UK is being decided as I write this, but we'll let you know full details as soon as we get them.

All in all, it's looking like a very slim and green year for JVC TVs.