NEWS: Fancy some folding headphones to match your iPod nano?

First the iMac turned everything turquoise. Then accessories had to be iPod white. Then black. Then gloss black. Now behold the latest example of the Apple effect: iPod nano-matching blue, green and pink headphones from Audio-Technica.

Due in the shops by the end of June, the Audio-Technica ES3 headphones are folding, portable designs expected to cost around £40.

They are closed-back headphones, which should help you keep your sounds to yourself (so if fellow commuters stare at you, they've probably never seen pink headphones before, and aren't just eyeballing you because your music's blaring out).

If tech-specs enthrall you more than colour choices, the ES3s use 28mm transducers with neodymium magnets, and claim to offer a 'wide and even' 10-25,000 Hz frequency response.

We should be testing them soon...

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