The latest batch of products from Bose is a multi-talented bunch. The new SoundDock Portable delivers a docking station and speaker system for your iPod, while the MusicMonitor desktop speakers on the other hand will suck the sound from your PC or laptop. Completing the new trio is the Wave music system-DAB, with – you guessed it – all-new DAB functionality. With the SoundDock Portable it's a case of meet the new Bose, same as the old Bose... the new model looking very similar to the original SoundDock, but then that's not necessarily a bad thing. Boasting a rechargeable battery, a slimmer profile and completely overhauled electronics, the Portable is naturally designed to provide music on the move. Bose claims around three hours of music playback at loud volume, and longer if listening at lower levels. There's now an infrared remote control to operate controls from the comfort of your chair, or touch sensitive buttons on the unit itself. Bose claims compatibility with 'most iPod models', while there's also a line input for connecting other sources. Available this month, the SoundDock Portable will retail for £279, while the original SoundDock will continue to sell for £199. Next up are the MusicMonitor powered speakers. Curiously, each speaker features two passive radiators, rather than standard speaker drivers, and are built using aluminum enclosures. Coming with a remote control, Bose ensures set-up is simple, and you can be listening to Internet radio or your MP3s in no time. Set for release this month, the MusicMonitors will cost £279. Last but far from least is Bose's latest addition to its Wave family of music systems, the Wave music system-DAB (pictured, top) – and we promise you that's the system's correct name. As the new kid on the Wave block, this machine adds a DAB tuner to its predecessors' CD player and FM/AM radio functionality. The DAB module sits in a separate unit to the main system, connected by a five-foot extension cable, allowing a degree of fleixbility with placement. The slot-loading CD player is still there, alongside the FM/AM tuner, and there is of course a remote control. Available in platinum white and graphite grey, it will retail for £499, while existing Wave radio owners can choose to add the DAB module for £149.

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