New Sonos IKEA portable Bluetooth speaker 'Vappeby' leaks, looks like a lamp

Sonos IKEA VAPPEBY wireless Bluetooth speaker and lamp
(Image credit: FCC)

The next collaboration between IKEA and Sonos could be an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a lamp, according to images leaked within a new FCC filing.

The new mushroom-shaped 'Vappeby' portable speaker will supposedly feature an integrated 20-lumen bulb, carrying handle and a USB-C port for charging, while the battery life is said to last 13 hours when used at half volume and brightness. 

The patent filing also reports that this VAPPEBY will have an IP65 rating resistant to dust and rain, making it suited for outdoor listening both day and night.

Sonos IKEA VAPPEBY wireless Bluetooth speaker and lamp

(Image credit: FCC)

Another unusual feature specified in the report is the inclusion of a 'Spotify Tap' button. Spotify Tap is a function already available on a range of Bluetooth headphones that lets you immediately restart listening to music from wherever your account last left off or get a new recommendation chosen by Spotify based on your preferences.

There are no details yet on availability or how much the new speaker will cost, but IKEA's current range of non-Sonos wireless speakers (called 'Vappeby' or 'Eneby' depending on your location) are priced between £15 ($25, AU$30) and £80 ($89, AU$99). Meanwhile, Sonos's current 'Symfonisk' range for IKEA, which includes a speaker/lamp combo for indoor use, costs between £89 ($99, AU$149) and £179 ($199, AU$269). 


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